Tool index

View a simple index of the tools.

Tool Guide

View the guide as an interactive online guide.
Click each tool title for additional information about that tool.

Tool Selector

Choose an appropriate tool based on a decision tree of what you want to achieve.

This UniLearn Tools resource is designed to help tutors to make use of the tools within UniLearn to enhance their teaching and learning. It is split into three elements:

  • Tool Index—this is a straightforward list of tools, which are clickable links to the detail provided by the larger guide table. It is an easy to follow, alphabetical list, although the full detail of each tool is not shown until you click the links.
  • Tool Guide—this is a large table which shows the outline information for each tool and identifies areas where it is strongest and most appropriate for use. Each tool can be clicked on for additional information and links to TEACH and other resources.
  • Tool Selector—This is a 'branching database' or 'decision tree' which can be used to help select the most appropriate tool for a given purpose. Simply choose an option from each step to find a recommended tool for your purpose.

Each page has links to easily switch between these options, while clicking the USW logo will return you to this home page.
There is also an option to print the full tool guide which will take you to a printable page where you can use your browser print button (or menu option) to send the whole document (around 30 pages) or individual pages to your printer. These printable pages will also include the additional information detail available from the links in the Tool Guide.